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The Ultimate Guide For CS:GO

This guide will teach you how you can become the best player on the server. The ebook will help you reach a higher and more skillful ceiling. It does not matter if you are Silver or Global Elite, this will help you improve your fragging power and game sense. Includes step-by-step guides on how to master your aim, movement, positioning, utility usage, and much more.

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In the E-book, we will cover all the essentials which you will need in order to succeed. 

The best equipment, most effective tactical plays in any given situation, utility usage and vital communication skills are some of the topics covered in the book.

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Inspired by pro players

By analyzing and testing, we have built some of the most effective routines when it comes to warming up and improving at different aspects of the game. We have created a training routine for you to become talented at controlling your movement. Our movement guide will make you know how to correctly prefire, strafe and counter-strafe. It only requires a small introduction and 3 easy routines for you to perform once or twice a week to improve rapidly.

Our method to get a better aim has been inspired by how some of the top pro players of Counter-Strike warm-up and stay consistent. The routine is a 3 step routine that can be done daily and that will guarantee you a better and more stable aim.

The entirety of the ebook has been based on some of the common ways of how the professional CS:GO players managed to reach the top and stay there. Many of the players have been so nice to share with the public how they improve in certain areas and we’ve put it all together in an ultimate CS:GO guide.

In the 11th bonus chapter, we have included a road map on how to go pro. If you know you are a talented player and got what it takes then the road map can be useful for you. The road map shows the different ways for you to go pro and hit the big scene. It goes through some methods on how to get noticed by playing alone or by playing in a team.

This ebook “How to become a better CS:GO player” is the best guide on the market as of now. It’s updated per 2021 and will continue being updated. Whenever an update arrives you’ll be sent the updated version free of charge!

The ebook also contains some impressive ways to gain more frames in the game. You can also head to our FPS Boost page where you can download our FPS boost pack for CS:GO.

If you wish to know more about the CS:GO guide then you can scroll down a bit and download a FREE 4-page preview sample from the ebook. The preview is simply there to show what to expect and is not painting the whole picture. This “How to become a better CS:GO player” guide is the absolute best on the planet and it has been crafted over many years. It is based on pro Counter-Strike players and more than + 10.000 hours of gameplay experience on a highly competitive level.

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