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This page contains some of the most popular gaming gear that professional CS:GO players use.
Everything from monitor to mouse and keyboard. Enjoy!


The most popular monitor

benq removebg preview


The most popular monitor used by the pros of CSGO is the BenQ XL2546 and that is not so strange as this is an amazing monitor build for FPS games. With a crazy 240hz screen it will give you a great advantage against your opponents in the competitive world of Counter-Strike. When playing CSGO it is almost a necessity to own a monitor with more than 120hz. This monitor just takes it up a notch with the 240hz. Most people pro’s and even casual players play with digital vibrance to enhance the colors. With the BenQ XL2546, there is built-in digital vibrance software within the monitor! No need to download additional software that takes advantage of your CPU or disc space.


The most popular keyboard

711 7112850 hyperx alloy fps cherry mx brown


The most used keyboard by the pros of CSGO is the HyperX Alloy FPS. This keyboard is also made specifically for FPS games and it’s even in the name! It’s fast, it’s compact and it’s mechanical! With a wide range of mechanical Cherry MX switches, you can design the keyboard for your own taste. There’s also a smaller “Pro” version of this keyboard perfectly made for LAN tournaments where you need the disc space. It also contains a USB charging port for easy access to keep your phone alive. The power cord is detachable which makes it great for traveling without hurting the cord or the keyboard. The second most popular keyboard is the XTRFY K2-RGB. 9% of all the pros use that one. Not so odd this is on the CS:GO pro gear list..

711 7112850 hyperx alloy fps cherry mx brown

The most popular mouse

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A high amount of pros uses a Zowie mouse and this specific mouse. The Zowie EC2-A mouse is made for right-handed people only, sorry left-handers! It has a very ergonomic design that keeps your hand comfortable for many hours of hardcore competitive play. It’s a very easy-going mouse as it comes with no software and 4 DPI choices as well as the option to pick between 3 different Hz. If you have a bigger hand they even have an equal mouse for that, the Zowie EC1-A. The second most popular mouse with a percentage of 18% pro users is the Logitech G Pro. 


The most popular headset

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The HyperX Cloud II is the most popular gaming headset by the CSGO pro’s and there’s a reason for that. The headset is specifically made for gaming and has the ability to turn on 7.1 surround sound if wished. The sound is perfectly made to be able to hear the direction of all sounds, which is super important in FPS games like CSGO. It is also really comfortable for your head and ears, so you can concentrate on gaming in the late hours. It comes with 2 different memory foam ear cushions, where you can choose between standard and leather.

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