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How to get a better trust factor in CS:GO

How to get a better trust factor in CS:GO 2022 - 10 Easy Steps

Table of Contents - How to get a better Trust Factor in cs:go

What is Trust Factor in CS:GO?

In late 2017 Valve (the creators of Counter-Strike) introduced a method to achieve a more enjoyable matchmaking experience by putting players together with a similar trust factor. It is in other words there to make it more likely that friendly players match up with other friendly players. 

In the same way, toxic players will be more likely to match up with other toxic players. The Trust Factor will also depend on the steam account’s security and validation. Therefore, cheaters are more likely to end up with other cheaters. This is how to get a better trust factor in CS:GO.

10 easy steps to improve your trust factor in CS:GO

1. Enable Steam Guard

If you don’t already have Steam Guard activated for your steam account, then you definitely should. Steam guard is an extra step of security for keeping your Steam account safe. The Steam Guard makes it more difficult for people to access your Steam account without permission. It is recommended that you use Steam guard regardless of if you want to improve your Trust Factor or not. The Steam Guard will improve your Trust Factor and keep your skins and games safe. It’s a win-win situation. Here’s how you enable Steam Guard:

If you have verified your email on your Steam account, then it is likely that you already have Steam Guard enabled. You can check if your email has been verified already by going to your Steam client and clicking on “Steam” at the top left corner. Go to “Settings” and then locate “Account Details”. If your email is verified it will be marked on this page as “Verified”.

steam settings
steam guard verification

You can enable Steam Guard in the Steam settings. While you are logged into your Steam account open the client and press on “Steam” in the top left corner. Go to “Settings” on the dropdown menu and a new window will open.

While on the “Account” page select “Manage Steam Guard Account Security”.

steam guard

On the new page select “Receive Steam Guard Codes Via Email (Requires you to sign out and in again)”.

And that’s it!

2. Make your Steam profile public

This is one of the easiest steps on the list and only requires a few clicks. All you need to do is make your Steam profile public. A public Steam Profile tells Valve that you have nothing to hide and can ultimately influence your Trust Factor in CS:GO.
Just because your profile is visible to everyone you can still keep things private and limit the number of things visible if you care about your privacy.
This is how you make your Steam profile public:

Open the Steam client and go to your profile. Inside your profile click on “Edit Profile” on the right side, right under your Steam level:

edit profile

Go to the tab called “Privacy Settings” on the left side. And next to “My Profile” it will state the current state of your privacy settings. Make your it says “Public” and then hit save:


3. Become an active member of the Steam Community.

Another element to increase your Trust Factor in CS:GO is to be more active in the Steam Community. This means showing your support on different threads or games like commenting on game releases or questions in the community hub. Another way is to participate in discussions and show activity in that regard. Here’s a shortlist of ways to be a more active member of the Steam Community:

guide comments
  1. Comment on Steam guides and show your support. 
  2. Add Steam guides to your favorites.
  3. Upvote Steam Guides and give them awards.
  4. Comment on threads and questions in the Community Hub.
  5. Create reviews of games you own.
  6. Upvote games you’ve played.

The picture above is from our popular CS:GO guide for Mirage which can be found here. It’s a good place to start.

4. Get praise (commended) by your teammates.

Getting praised by your teammates when playing a competitive match is an excellent way to show the Trust Factor that you are a good sport and a great teammate. And with “praised” we mean being “commended” in the game. 

You can commend people (and people can commend you) by right-clicking on the name on the scoreboard and choosing “commend”/the smiley on the CS:GO profile. 

You can choose between “Is Friendly”, “Good Teacher” and “Good Leader”.  The most optimal option is to get commended on all 3 subjects.

Here’s how it looks:

commend csgo

5. Avoid being toxic and stop griefing

You rarely play a matchmaking game in CS:GO without meeting someone who is acting childishly. It’s difficult to avoid but it is not impossible. If you tend to be toxic or grief a lot then you have a higher chance of meeting people who are toxic and griefing as well. That’s how the Trust Factor in CS:GO works.

To get a higher Trust Factor you need to stop being toxic in both the voice and text chat. 

You also need to behave better and don’t grief which includes not blocking people, giving away information, dying, and losing on purpose.

Be a good teammate and you’ll see changes coming your way. But be patient. The Trust Factor does not change overnight.

6. Grow your friend list and your Steam level

Another way to achieve a better Trust Factor score is to make your Steam profile more legit. There’s a variety of ways to do that and we already touched on the subject at step 1 and step 2. Just like getting Steam Guard and making your Steam profile public, there are additional ways to make it more legit.

You should get more people added to your friend list. A decent-sized friend list shows Valve that your Steam Account is legit and isn’t a fake or smurf account. You don’t need to get 100+ friends but at least 20 real Steam friends. 

In addition to your friend list, you should also get a higher Steam level. Your Steam level shows how much time and energy you put into your Steam Account. You don’t need a super high Steam level or spend any money on it. It’s recommended to get to level 10.

edit profile

7. Review overwatch cases

Overwatch cases are demos automatically made of suspicious players based on other players’ reports. Valve created overwatch so that the community could help shut down more cheaters and griefers who ruin the fun for the rest. You can review overwatch cases and based on your judgment of the suspicious players demo you can decide if the player is cheating, griefing, or neither. 

60f07dd89b3ae2c634a7ae41 Overwatch CSGO Menu min

Doing as many overwatch cases as possible has a huge impact on your Trust Factor. But be aware that you need to actually be honest and watch the cases. Otherwise, you will experience the opposite effect. If you start giving too many wrong verdicts you will be punished by getting a lower Trust Factor.

8. Play more

It might be obvious to some and oblivious to others but playing the game will get you a better Trust Factor score and gives Valve a better understanding of how you are as a player.

The more matches you have the more data the Trust Factor can work with. If you have played 50 matches so far then play 50 more where you do as described in step 4 and step 5

Basically, play Matchmaking a lot more and don’t be toxic in any way or do any activity that counts as griefing.

9. Comment and get comments

Being active can up the legitimation of your Steam profile and having a legitimate Steam profile can ultimately lead to a higher Trust Factor. In step 3 we discussed how being an active member of the Steam community can help and this is much the same.

plus rep your profile on steam

It will benefit your chances of improving your Trust Factor by commenting on other people’s profiles and getting other people to comment on yours. But don’t to “rep 4 rep” deals. Be real and receive real comments from legit or high steam leveled accounts. 

10. Be legit

Out of all the steps, this is the most difficult one but it is also the one that gives the best results in the end. Don’t try to trick your way to a higher Trust Factor by adding random people, doing rep 4 rep, spamming comments, or begging other people for commends. It will catch you in the end and you’ll end up with an even lower Trust Factor than you had to begin with.


So to sum it all up in a few sentences: Work on your Steam profile and reach a higher Steam Level with a bigger friend list. Be more active with commenting, liking, and discussing Steam guides, profiles, games, etc. 

Don’t be toxic or grief. Be helpful and commend other players and get commended yourself. Do overwatch cases and play more matchmaking. 

This is the ultimate guide on how to get a better trust factor in CS:GO in 2022. You can head over to our CS:GO Wiki page for more knowledge and guides made for CS:GO.

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