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Utility guide



a long smoke

You will often have to fight your way into A middle against a player on A long and one at A short. This long smoke will block off the vision from the player holding long and you can now have a higher chance of getting your way into A short.



a short smoke

Same situation but on A short. This will give you a way into A long. Be aware of players holding from inside of the boiler room that can swing out and kill you.


a site cross smoke

If you manage to find you and your team getting into A site it can be a tough challenge to get across the default box from any CT player holding it from library or arch. This smoke will make it easy for you.


a site default smoke

This smoke is very useful if you want to go for a quick plant in the smoke and hope for the best. It can also help you cross to the site without getting killed from a player holding from the library. 


a pit smoke

Together with A long and A short then the pit is the most popular position for CT players to hold on the A site of inferno. Eleminate that position with this smoke. Be aware of any player holding A short from the balcony.


(b) ct smoke

This is the most popular and essential smoke to know on inferno. It’s a super simple lineup and it will help you and your team massively if you want to enter the B site.




You only need two simple smokes to have a great advantage to enter the site. This cuffin smoke together with the CT smoke will block off any rotating players and you only have to clear the site. Be aware of boosted players at the CT cross who can see over the smoke.



shadow/dark molotov

You will sometimes find players holding a B push from the shadow/dark position. This molotov will not only force them out in the open but it will also give them a good amount of damage before they manage to get out of it.


quad/new box molotov

It can be a pain in the ass to kill the guy holding the site from new box. Use this molotov from the car at banana to avoid any awkward situations




This is such a powerful molotov as it will eliminate 2 common positions and give you a high chance of making an entry to the site.




Now for the defensive side of the game. This popflash will blind any player coming into the side from banana. Throw the popflash and swing out. 




This is a super stylish pop flash for when you want to retake A long/arch. The Terrorist players often smoke off the arch when they have gained access to A long. Throw this pop flash and impress your teammates.




Another useful flash to blind any players getting into the site from A short. Throw this flash and swing out from the pit hole.


a site chimney flash

This is a great flash if you want to blind your opponents while your team executes out of the apartments or from short. You bounce it off the chimney hence why it’s called the chimney flash.


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