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Best aim training for CS:GO 2022

The best aim training for CS:GO in 2020

The main goal for CS:GO is to be the best player on the server and ultimately win the match but to achieve that you need a good and solid aim. If you cannot hit your target, how do you expect to win your matches? There is a bunch of theories and methods on how to train your aim in the best possible way.

We have collected and analyzed all the content possible on the subject and come to the right conclusion.

By analyzing and testing all the ways to improve your aim in CS:GO we have found the best possible way for you to train your aim and see results fast. This ultimate aim training routine has been based on the best methods used by the community as well as the professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players.

The entire routine only consists of 3 sessions and will make you see progress in no time. 

Table of Contents - The best aim training for CS:GO

mymaps aim botz thumb

Step 1: 1000 bots in Aim Botz

Map name: Aim Botz – Training

Creator: uLLeticaL

Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=243702660

How to play it: Go to your STEAM library click once on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, find the tab called “workshop” or click the link above. In the STEAM workshop, you should search for “Aim Botz” and click subscribe.

killing 1000? wow, I know. 1000 bots seem like a lot of repetitive work and not to mention boring. And if you are also thinking that it will take forever to kill 1000 bots then you are wrong. It does not take more than 15 minutes to do all 1000 bots. When you get into the map you need to set up 3 walls so the bots only spawn in one direction.

 You do that at the platform floating above you in the ceiling. There are 4 green lights glowing and 3 of them need to be red. Now that the map is all set you choose the AK-47 and start shooting some bots. Start by only tapping their heads. And by tapping we of course refer to only clicking once on the mouse per kill so every kill you do is a “1 tap”

Kill 250 bots with this method and then do 250 more kills with bursting only. And if you did not know, bursting is firing around 3 bullets at the time. So, the middle ground between spraying and tapping.

When you have reached 500 kills in total it is time for you to start spraying. Do 100 to 200 kills by only spraying at your targets. The last until you reach 1000 kills is up to you on how you do it. This session is to warm up your aim, so you get comfortable with your mouse and the movement of it. 

yprac workshop map guide4csgo

Step 2: 10-minute prefire training

Map name: Yprac map guide

Creator: Yesber

Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1377592684

How to play it: Go to your STEAM library click once on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive find the tab called “workshop” or click the link above. In the STEAM workshop, you should search for “Yprac Inferno guide” (change “Inferno” with the map you want) and click subscribe.

This workshop map has a lot of different options on how to practice CS:GO skills but the one we will be looking at today is the prefire mode. Prefiring is a huge part of CS and it will help you improve your aim and movement massively. Prefiring is when you shoot as you peek around a corner and you predict the position of your opponent.

You need the right movement to hit the shot accurately so you can take you are your target. It requires a bit of luck in the sense that the player needs to be there, but the rest is pure skill and finesse. Practicing prefiring can help you get a better aim as you will learn how to adjust your aim to the target based on movement.

Not only will your aim and movement improve but you will also get a better understanding of the common angles that are being held in CS:GO. You can do this on all the maps in the active-duty pool. You do not need to spend forever doing this just until you feel like you can feel improvement. I recommend around 10 to 15 minutes.

20210511171315 1 min 1

Step 3: 100 kills in deathmatch

Server: Brutalcs FFA DM

Creator: Brutalcs

This is when the warmup comes in handy as you are going to do 100 kills in a deathmatch server from the community list. You should under no circumstances play Valve’s deathmatch servers as they are poorly designed. You do not need to find a community server made by Brutalcs if it is of good quality but Brutalcs does deliver some of the best quality servers when it comes to training your aim in deathmatch.

If you play Valve’s deathmatch you will not get 128 tick servers and you cannot choose weapons from the opposite team. You are also restricted with time and you are playing team vs team which means it is not every man for himself. If you only can be against 50% of the players on the server then it will take you a whole lot of time reaching 100 kills as most of the time will be spent running around looking for players.

You should try tapping, bursting, and spraying when playing deathmatch as it will improve your aim in different aspects that will benefit your gaming experience in the end. 

I hope you liked this ultimate guide for the best aim training for CS:GO. It is a proven method to gain a more stable aim and stay consistent.

If you want to get an even more in-depth description of how to improve your aim as well as many other aspects like game sense, movement and much more then get the ultimate guide for CS:GO on how to become a better player. It contains 10 chapters (+bonus chapter on how to go pro) as well as illustrations and guides that you can follow along. It also contains some great ways to improve your FPS.

And you want to know all the best grenades then head over to our utility guide where you can see 10-second videos for all the maps.

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