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How to install Digital Vibrance in CS:GO

How to install Digital Vibrance in CS:GO

Have you ever watched professional CS:GO players stream and wondered why their game looks so colorful compared to yours? There’s a reason for why their game looks like this while yours don’t. They use digital vibrance.

What is Digital Vibrance in CS:GO?

Digital Vibrance is one of those things you’ll hear a lot about in CS:GO but maybe you don’t quite know what it is. Well, to put it simply, it is the colors of your monitor. Specifically, the color temperature where you can adjust it to be cool or warm colors. Most experienced Counter-Strike players have adjusted their Digital Vibrance to the max and there probably doesn’t exist a professional CS:GO player without Digital Vibrance on. The preferred setting is to turn it up to 100% so that all the colors get warmer and just overall more visually appealing than the default grey scaled look CS:GO has.

The benefits behind using Digital Vibrance is not just a visual overhaul it got a few benefits to the gameplay as well. The biggest advantage of using Digital Vibrance in CS:GO is how much easier it gets to spot enemies. Since all the colors are more explosive and filled with contrast it is easier for your eyes to differentiate between player models and background.

If you do not have Digital Vibrance in CS:GO then it’s time to install it. There’s a great example of the difference between vibrance off/on below:

1675876812 preview maxresdefault

How to apply Digital Vibrance in CS:GO

You are in luck because Digital vibrance is easy to apply to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. There’s two way to handle this. There’s a method where you don’t need to download any software. The second method is by using software which has the advantage of only applying Digital Vibrance to the games you wish and it won’t affect your desktop when you are outside of the game.

Method 1


Right click on your desktop and choose “NVIDIA Control Panel”. In the NVIDIA Control Panel locate “Adjust Desktop Color Settings”.

You’ll find the option to change the amount of digital vibrance on your monitor. The default will be 50%. If you choose to change it in the control panel it will be applied both in and out of the game.



Locate the AMD Radeon Settings by either right clicking on the desktop or by searching in windows after “AMD setting”. 

Inside of the AMD settings menu locate “Display” and then choose “Color”. In the Color tab and then adjust “Color Temperature”. By increasing the bar you’ll get warmer colors.

amd digital vibrance

Method 2

This is a popular method by the community. Using the program called VibranceGUI you can change the digital vibrance within the game. The advantage of using this is that it can be set to only change the vibrance when the game is opened. Download VibranceGUI and then adjust the “Windows Vibrance Level” and make sure CS:GO is visible in the tray. It doesn’t get easier than that!


Thanks for reading and good luck owning some noobs with more colors! Head over to our CS:GO Wiki page for more tips & tricks for CS:GO.

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