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How to setup console for CS:GO in 2022

How to setup console for CS:GO

The developer console in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gives you a ton of freedom in regards to using different beneficial and useful commands while playing. Most people use it to see the amount of damage dealt to the opponents while playing competitive or casual. It also gives you the option to see your current FPS in CS:GO and can be enabled by writing net_graph 1 in the console.

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What is the developer console in CS:GO?

If you are new to CS:GO it’s likely you’ve heard the word “console” being used a few times but without ever really knowing what it means. The console is originally a developer console that is intended for developing commands such as when you are hosting a server. But it quickly grew into becoming the standard tool for the everyday CS:GO player. The console has so many useful commands that can make your gaming experience much more pleasant or more informative. To name a few examples: When you play Valve’s official matchmaking then you can see the damage you dealt to the opponent after you die. That’s super important information to pass on to your teammates! Furthermore, it gives the ability to see your FPS, network status, Ping, etc.

How to setup the console in CS:GO

There’s two methods of how to setup the console for CS:GO.

Method 1

Launch CS:GO and go to settings. Under “Game settings” search for “Enable Developer Console”.

Game Settings in CSGO 1024x576 1

Set the option to “Yes” and click “Apply”:

developer console

Go to “Keyboard and mouse” settings and go to “Toggle console” and bind your desired key. Click Apply and done!

choose csgo console key

Method 2

Open Steam and go to “Library” and locate Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Right Click on the game title and choose “Properties”:

properties csgo steam eng

Under the section “set launch options” add “-console”. It should now automatically open the next time you launch the game.

Launch the game and type “bind “p” console” (Change “p” with the key you want to bind). Now the console will open every time you press the “P” key on your keyboard. And that’s it!

The best console commands for CS:GO

There are so many useful commands that can be used with the console. Many of which that will enhance and improve your gaming experience. 

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