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Best CS:GO console commands in 2022

The best CS:GO console commands in 2021

These are the best CS:GO console commands that is proven to be the ultimate ways to tweak your game towards the better.

Quick overview of the best console commands

net_graphShows your current FPS, network status, latency and more.
fps_maxYou can set the max FPS for CS:GO. Recommended to set it to 999.

Makes your teammates equipment visible above their playermodels.

novidRemoves the intro video from Valve when starting the game.
cl_righthandBy setting it to 1 or 0, it changes which hand your weapons are held at.

1 or 0, shows the bullet traces when firing. recommended to be set at 0.

godMakes you invincible in private/offline server. You take 0 damage against anything. Reguires sv_cheats 1

Gives you free roam around the map. Basically makes you fly. Requires sv_cheats 1

mat_monitorgammaGives the option to change the brightness of your game.
r_cleardecalsClears all current decals in the game. (bullet holes, blood spatter etc.)
sv_cheatsGives you the ability to use a varity of different commands that give you an advantage in the game. It is required for most practice commands.

Full description of the best CS:GO console commands


Net_graph 1 must be the most used command of them all. You rarely see CS:GO players who don’t have this command applied at all times. When you type in this command to your developer console there will appear an area on your monitor where a bunch of weird letters and numbers is visible. It looks something like this:


Each of these numbers represents a statistic about your client, network, server, and the performance of your computer. This command is not an essential part of the game and it will not affect your gameplay itself but it is for most people just used to track their data. Many players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive likes to always have an eye on their FPS count. As you can see in the picture above the first value is “fps: 118” and as you might have guessed represent a live counter of your current frames per second. 

The graph also shows you if you are experiencing any loss caused by network issues. The same goes for “choke” and “ping”. You can also see your current network ping on the scoreboard but it is not as accurate as of the one in the graph. It is also possible to see the tick rate of the server. In the picture above the server is a 64tick server.


This command tells the game to cap the number of frames per second depending on the value you give. Usually, CS:GO does not limit the amount of FPS it runs at by default so the value should already be set as “0”. But sometimes it may change by an update or by other errors. The recommended value is “999” so the full command will be: “fps_max 999”.

Since the beginning of CS:GO there has always been the rumor that “fps_max 0” (the default value) harms your FPS and that “fps_max 999” performs better. No real data is backing this up but it can’t hurt to be on the safe side.


If you type this command into your console it will enable a utility/equipment HUD above your teammate’s player models. This is a great command enabled so that you can keep track of your teammates’ current equipment such as what rifles do they have and what grenades are they holding on to. In addition to that, you can also with this command see your teammates’ location through the walls of the map as the HUD does not disappear when your teammates get behind a wall or other objects.

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The only downside of this command is that it doesn’t always stay enabled if you restart the game. So the next time you launch the game you might have to write the command one more time in the console. Although this can be avoided by adding the command to your autoexec file. You can see here what an autoexec file is and how to install it. All commands you add to your autoexec file will always be applied every time you launch the game.


This command is very simple but yet very effective and reward-giving. Add either novid in the console or to your launch options and you will never have to wait through the intro video every time you open up Counter-Strike. It removes the intro video. 


With “cl_righthand 1” (or 0) you can change what hand your character is holding the weapon in. The default position in at the right side but you can move the weapon to the left if you prefer that above the other. There is a few examples of when it can be useful to change other than the visuel aspect. Some people have their weapons equipt in the left hand (left side of the screen) because they either are left handed or have a left dominant eye. It is marginal changes but it works for some players. Some players also tend to bind this command to a button so that they can switch sides depending on their position on the map. So that their weapon will never block their vision if they are holding certain angles.


The command r_drawtracers_firstperson can either be set to “1” or “0”. The command is a personal preference and all it does is to trace every third bulled you shoot when spraying. Some people prefer to have it on so they can track some of the bullets as they spray although that you could argue the negative effects of that. Most pro players have this command set as “0” as they have practiced their spray on the tracers could deter them from the actual spray pattern.


Type in “god” in the console and you are given “God mode”. God mode means that you can not take any damage at all. It does not matter if you are being shot at or falling from great heights. You can’t die. This command only works with sv_cheats 1 enabled, as you might have guessed.


Most people know about “noclip” even if they haven’t played CS:GO before as it is a command available in many different platforms and games. When you enable noclip you become invincible and you can fly around the map. You can fly through walls, floors, and even out of the map. It is a great tool for practice servers. You can also see here how to create a practice server in CS:GO.


If you want to change the brightness of the game without doing it manually on your monitor or your computers graphic settings then you can use mat_monitorgamma.


Are you also tired of annoying blood spatter, leftover marks of an explosion, or other effects that obscures your vision? Then this command is made for you! You can probably relate to holding an angle but there’s either blood or black marks of a grenade that makes it so dark that you can barely see if an enemy appears. By typing in “r_cleardecals” in the console you remove all current decals in that given situation. I recommend binding this to a key so you can easily access it while playing. This is one of the best CS:GO console commands.

r cleardecals

image credit: win.gg


sv_cheats set to value “1” can only be used on private servers and it permits you to use a bunch of advantages and is very useful for certain activities such as practicing tactics or grenade lineups.

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