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How to setup launch options for CS:GO in 2021

This is the easiest way to apply launch options to CS:GO in 2021. Read this guide for a greater understanding of what launch options are and how you install them. This is what you can expect through this tiny guide:

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What is launch options in CS:GO?

If we go down to the basics then the launch options are simply the settings you want the game to execute every time you boot the game. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can at times have difficulties applying certain game settings and by writing them into your launch options then you can be sure that the game reads them every time. The most common use for this method is to use commands that tweaks the game in favor of gaining FPS. Besides FPS tweaks it is also widely used by players to apply their personal autoexec files. If you do not know what an autoexec file is then head over to our article about what config and autoexec files is and how to install them.

How to apply the launch options to CS:GO

So know that you know what it actually is, it is time to set it up to Counter-Strike. To set up your launch options go to your Steam library and right click on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Go to “Properties”:

how to setup launch options for cs:go

Under the “general” tab, choose “set launch options”:

csgo launch options CS:GO

From here you can type in your desired launch options and press “OK”.

Remember to leave spaces between your launch options and that most launch options usually start with a “+” or “-”. 

The ultimate launch options

We’ve already made another article about this subject so click here to see the perfect list of the best launch options for CS:GO.

Generally speaking, the launch options won’t help your frame rates much, so if you are looking for ways to improve your frame rates then I recommend you to head over to our FPS boost guide for CS:GO, where we provide troubleshooting, methods, and more.

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